Employment and internship

Will you come and stay?

Metaprint group of companies is a pioneer in its field; solutions we have created change the world. Behind these achievements is a carefully selected dedicated team and each member matters!

We take care of our people’s well-being and contentment and have a long-term plan for everyone. We are committed to thorough and consistent training. We want our employees to be always equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. Value is created by combining employee competence, motivation and modern technology.

Come and stay, to become a part of our company’s story and take the best you have to offer with you: your values, caring attitude and willingness for in-depth training. We support you in becoming a world-class manufacturing specialist for decades.

If you have a serious interest, please send an application with your CV to personal@metaprint.com.

Triinu’s Success Story

Triinu started working at Metaprint as a Prepress Specialist in 2014 when she graduated from Tallinn Polytechnic School. She is now an Offset Printing Line Operator which requires

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Kristofer-Ott’s Success Story

Kristofer-Ott started at Metaprint as an intern in 2010 - at the end of his first year of studies at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. As he

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